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busy busy July 12, 2007

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Wow, I haven’t updated in a while! Oops. The past week or so has just been crazy. Between work and summer school, I’ve hardly had any free time. It should just be one more busy week, and then my summer school class will be over and I’ll be working less, so hopefully then I’ll have gobs of free time to get back to my projects.

Nathan (the boy) turned twenty last week! Exciting. It was a very good day, starting off with birthday cupcakes.


We also went to the zoo, which I haven’t done in years. It ended up being a lot of fun. The butterfly garden and the dolphin show were highlights, but we also saw tigers and penguins and giraffes, and we even got to touch a live stingray. Crazy. It felt kind of like a wet mushroom.

Here’s one of the butterflies from the butterfly garden. It was really amazing, we walked around and the air was just full of butterflies floating around and landing on us. Very surreal, but beautiful.


I was also excited to get a picture of one of the dolphins at the dolphin show. It’s hard to take a picture of a dolphin! I finally got one after the show, when we went down to those underwater window things.


And of course, the requisite self-taken, rather disheveled picture.


On the crafting front, I’ve bought more fabric to make another skirt, despite the fact that I’ve made absolutely no progress on the first skirt I was intending to make. But I really love this fabric, and I can totally see it as a skirt that I would wear all the time. I think the little white polka dots on the black are just so cute.


I’ve also been spinning a little bit. I experimented with plying with thread for the first time and made a little mini-skein. I thought it was pretty successful, the texture of the yarn is really cool. It wasn’t actually supposed to be such a little skein, but I pulled too hard when I was plying and accidentally broke the thread. Oops. I’m going to ply the rest of it soon hopefully. It’s a pink, yellow and orange thick and thin single, dyed with Wilton’s, that I plyed with yellow Sulky thread.


And a close-up.


I’m definitely going to try this again, I think it’s really fun and different. I wonder what it will look like knit up…

Oh, and I had an idea for my very first art-ish yarn! I’m really excited to get started on this, hopefully what I’m thinking of turns out how I picture it.

Enjoy your Thursday!


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