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success! August 2, 2007

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I’ve already finished unraveling, skeining, measuring and washing the yarn from the sweater I bought the other day (which is working pretty fast for me). I’m really really really happy with this project. I love the yarn, it’s super soft and the colors are gorgeous. And unraveling the sweater actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Undoing the first seam took the longest, since I was using scissors to snip the little thread between the two sections. I had a stroke of genius after that though, when I realized that the best thing to use to rip out seams might be, well, a seam ripper. Duh. That made it a lot faster. The only really tedious part was winding the yarn into skeins, but even that was quicker than I was expecting. The sweater ended up as 5 skeins (back, front, sleeve, sleeve, collar) adding up to 345 yards!! Woo hoo. I’m totally going to do this again.

Here’s a shot of all 5 finished skeins. Gorgeous, no?


I also took a few pictures of a yarn that I spun pre-blog. It’s mill ends, dyed with Wilton’s (of course). It was one of the first singles I spun. I spun it with very low twist, so it’s very soft and lofty. I’m calling it Sea Glass, because the light blues and greens remind me of those little shards you find on the beach sometimes.


And here’s my attempt at a yarn close-up. I don’t think it worked that well. Either I need a better camera, or there’s some way to take good close-ups that I’m just not aware of. I still think it looks pretty cool though.


I also got my new ball winder in the mail yesterday! I was really excited. It came really fast, I think it was four days from when I ordered it. It’s this one, on sale for $25 from JoAnn. I kind of agree with the mixed reviews, the main problem I’ve found is that the little vise/clamp thing that’s supposed to keep it attached to the table isn’t very secure. It kept coming loose from the table, even when I had it as tight as it would go. I’m going to have to figure out a better way to attach it. Also, the first ball of yarn I wound was way too loose, but I found that if I sort of pinch the strand of yarn with my left hand as I wind with my right, it winds into a much tighter, more compact ball. So basically, it’s not perfect, but I knew when I bought it that I was willing to sacrifice a little quality to save money. And even though it does have it’s flaws, it does wind adorable little cakes of yarn. See?



One Response to “success!”

  1. Jenni Says:

    I love the way your seaglass yarn looks. The colors are gorgeous and it looks so soft and squisjy! 😀

    Do you have a macro setting on your camera? (it will have a little icon that looks like a tulip or a flower) Macro really helps with the close ups.

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