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knitting! finally! August 9, 2007

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I’ve just been out of town for six days visiting friends, which was quite a lot of fun but very tiring. I did have a lot of time in the car for knitting which was nice, especially since I haven’t really done any knitting in like a bajillion years. Or a couple months, whatever. Ever since I learned to spin I hardly ever knit. Anyway, I did actually get a lot done. I’m working on a blanket for my mom, which was supposed to be her Christmas present, which I’ll hopefully finish pretty soon. I also started a scarf from the Patons SWS that I bought a while back. I really like how it’s coming out, the colors are so pretty and the yarn has a really pretty sheen to it. Here’s the scarf all stretched out.


And a close-up, which for once actually came out looking pretty nice.


Now that I’m back home, I should have plenty of time for crafty activities, especially since today is my last day of work! And that’s a good thing, since I’ve got a ton of fiber I need to dye before I go back to school in a few weeks. Speaking of school, check out these super cute boxes I got at Ikea the other day. Only $12 for all four! I love Ikea. They’re totally going in my room this fall.


Have a happy Thursday!


2 Responses to “knitting! finally!”

  1. Old Knitter Says:

    The scarf is going to be lovely and the boxes are a great storage idea.

  2. yarnzombie Says:

    That scarf is really pretty!

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