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Happy October! October 1, 2007

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Fall is in the air! Brrr. I’ve decided to use the fact that it’s the beginning of the month to set some goals for October. There’s another Etsy seller, ChristinaPurdue, who has organized a “30 Days to a Better Shop” series on her blog. Basically every day she’s going to give a tip on how to improve your Etsy shop, so that by the end of the month your shop is well, better. Today’s assignment was to set both monthly and long term goals. So here goes!

October Goals
*List 20 items.
*Create 4 new yarns
*Sell at least one yarn.
*Sell at least 4 items total.
*Blog at least 8 times.
*Write a bio/shop announcement.
*Keep up with 30 Days to a Better Shop

Long Term Goals
Hmm….I guess I don’t really have any long term goals. I don’t aspire to make a living doing this or anything like that. I guess my long term goals are to just have fun, be creative, and send some of my stuff out into the world!

In other news, I finally cast on for the Saturday Market Bag that I bought the yarn for so long ago. I’ll try to get pictures of that and the two yarns that I still haven’t posted about tomorrow.

Hope your October is wonderful!


One Response to “Happy October!”

  1. Those are great goals! I think it’s so great that your long-term goal is to just have fun. I completely left that one off, but that’s def. one of mine as well.

    Great blog and I love the layout,

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