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Fall is Here! October 17, 2007

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And in the spirit of fall, a few friends and I went apple-picking the other day. And then…we baked a pie! From scratch! I was super-proud of it, considering that an apple pie is by far the most complex thing I’ve ever attempted to cook. Luckily my friend Beth is a good baker, so with her guidance we were able to make a successful pie.

Before baking – can you see the little apple we stenciled on top?


Just out of the oven.


Ready to eat! Yummy.


While I was home for Fall Break, I dyed up the rest of my merino roving! I’m so excited to spin this stuff.

Green, pink, and purple – looks kind of like a flower garden, huh? I really love the purple dye, I need to use it more.


Shades of blue – you can’t tell, but it actually gets a lot darker than this picture shows. It has parts where it’s a really deep bluish-purple. I’m really excited to see how this spins up as a two-ply, I’d kind of like to do a series of 2-ply yarns with varying shades of one color.


I’ve been obsessed with this tutorial on making paper boxes for the past few days. It’s the coolest thing ever – it really works! Go check it out.


4 Responses to “Fall is Here!”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Both the Pie and the roving look d-lish!

  2. geckogrrl Says:

    The roving looks wonderful! I really love the handspun in your previous posts too. What a great way to destress at school!

  3. Field Notes Says:

    That pie makes me miss the apple tree in my former backyard! I love boxes too and *love* making them. You might think this one is neat:

  4. Gwen Erin Says:

    The lattice on that pie is incredible.

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