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Sick! November 30, 2007

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So, after a few weeks of low-grade sickness and total lethargy, I finally got around to dragging myself to the doctor this week. And…I have mono! Perfect, a college student’s worst nightmare – several weeks of debilitating illness right before finals. Actually, strangely enough, I’ve felt a lot better ever since my diagnosis. At least now I know that there’s actually something wrong with me, so I’ve given myself permission to rest and I’ve actually had more energy. The doctor said that I’ve probably already had it for a few weeks, so the worst is most likely over. I’ve actually started spinning again, I have 2 new yarns that just need to be photographed and one half finished on my spindle.

Since I’m sick, I’ve made up a list of everything I need to feel better:

1. A good book – I’m currently reading Alias Grace and The Age of Innocence.
2. A super soft blanket to snuggle on the couch with. This one by eblankies looks very cozy.
3. Lots of minestrone soup and hot chocolate with marshmallows.
4. Lip balm. I don’t know why, but for some reason I seem to go through it twice as fast when I’m sick!
This stuff
by spacemonkey looks super yummy! lip balm
5. Movies!! What could be better than hanging out on the couch and spinning while watching Marie Antoinette and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Hmmm…I’m pretty sure the answer is nothing!
marie hitchhiker's
6. Knitting. I’m currently working on a blanket to give to my mom for Christmas.

Wish me luck in getting better, and have a wonderful weekend!


New Roving! November 22, 2007

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I came home from college today for Thanksgiving break, and to my excitement there was new roving waiting for me. It’s superwash(!) merino/viscose mill ends from shpherder and it’s GORGEOUS! It’s just about the silkiest, softest stuff I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m so glad I spent the extra 4 bucks and got the roving rather than the uncarded fiber, this stuff is going to be sooo much easier to spin. The only problem is, I realized today I have no idea what kind of dye viscose takes or even what it is! I posted in the craftster dyeing forum, so hopefully someone will be able to answer my question. I figure if worse comes to worse, the roving will just have bits of white in it where the viscose didn’t take the dye. I hope I can get it to work though, because I have looots of ideas for this roving. I want to spin some of it white and then ply it with metallic thread (silver or gold, what do you think?). I also want to try dyeing some of it in an ombre style, maybe a dark pink that gradually changes to light pink. I’m excited to get some dyeing done this Thanksgiving weekend!

In knitting news, I was looking at the patterns on Knitty today and I completely fell in love with this hat –
Foliage Hats!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I want like 10 of them. I wonder if I could make this pattern out of handspun…

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


I get by with a little help from my friends… November 5, 2007

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Midterms are over! I survived! And I’m pretty sure I passed everything with flying colors, with the possible exception of astronomy (also known as the bane of my academic existence). Man I hate astronomy.

Anyways, in spite of midterms, I’ve managed to get a little crafting done lately. I finished a scarf that I’ve been working on for a while – and by finished, I mean I finally wove in the ends on a scarf that had been done for about two months.


Doesn’t it look nice though? I think I’m going to take a few better pictures and then list it in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy, I looked back at my October goals that I set at the beginning of last month, and I don’t think I was too successful in achieving them.

October Goals
*List 20 items – nope, only listed 6.
*Create 4 new yarns – spun two yarns, but only got around to listing one.
*Sell at least one yarn – nope.
*Sell at least 4 items total – nope.
*Blog at least 8 times – only blogged 4 times.
*Write a bio/shop announcement – hey, I did do this! Hooray!
*Keep up with 30 Days to a Better Shop – partially, I’m a little behind but I did OK.

I know I’m not selling a lot on Etsy, but I realize that’s because I’m not listing/promoting enough. I’ll try to work harder at it this month, so my November goals are going to be the same as my October goals were (minus the bio/shop announcement thing). Hopefully this time I’ll get closer to achieving them.

November Goals
*List 20 items.
*Create 4 new yarns
*Sell at least one yarn.
*Sell at least 4 items total.
*Blog at least 8 times.
*Keep up with 30 Days to a Better Shop

On to happier things – here’s a not-really-new yarn. I spun it a long time ago, and I’m pretty sure that I posted it a while back, but I took new pictures of it and listed it on Etsy so I’m going to blog about it again. It’s called Sea Glass.


This is actually one of the earliest yarns I spun, and I’m amazed that I created such a balanced, lofty single with so little practice! I’m not even sure I could do that now! I haven’t spun many singles lately, and I’d forgotten how much I liked them. I’ll have to start doing more. Anyway, I love this yarn a lot, and I’m hoping it goes to a good home.

I’ve spun up two yarns from some superwash merino mill ends that I bought a while back, but I think I’m only going to end up posting one because I really don’t like the color of one of them. I’m setting the twist on the pretty one tomorrow, so I’ll hopefully be able to take pictures and blog about that spinning experience in the next few days. I also have a brand new method of making paper beads that I’ve been experimenting with, more on that coming soon!

Have a wonderful week!