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A post with lots of pretty pictures January 8, 2008

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I have a few new things to show off today. First of all, my latest handspun. It’s a two-ply in shades of blue, and it’s 100% merino, which is soooo ridiculously soft. Seriously, I think I’m obsessed with the merino. I’m calling this one Glacier.



To dye the roving for this yarn, I mixed up a bunch of different tones of blue to get a really variegated spectrum of the one color. I really like how it came out, and I want to try it again with other colors.

When I was home over Christmas, I dyed some really nice superwash merino-viscose roving from Shpherder on eBay. Check her out, seriously – her roving is sooo nice, and it’s inexpensive. Plus, it’s all mill-end!


This one was inspired by the colors of the lights on our Christmas tree, but now it reminds me more of a parrot.


I was going for white with a little bit of pale pink and the tiniest tinge of yellow, like a cherry blossom. Didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it but I still like it.


I looove this one. Hot pink, purple and orange.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! I’ll be studying for my Eastern Religions test tomorrow and spinning up more merino!


One Response to “A post with lots of pretty pictures”

  1. Stopped by to take a peek, started scrolling and enjoying the movie review and locket pics and then … WOW! This is such a beautiful post!

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