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Truly Scrumptious January 30, 2008

Filed under: etsy,handspun,spinning,yarn — sarahbird @ 1:25 pm

Check out my latest handspun – Truly Scrumptious!


100 yards of yummy yummy merino, pinks and purples and greens. And yes, I got the name from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I have one more merino yarn finished, which should be ready to list in the next day or so. I’ve also started spinning up the merino/viscose superwash mill ends from Shpherder over on eBay. This stuff is great! It’s so slippery you hardly have to draft at all, it pretty much spins itself.

Speaking of yummy things, check out this sugar scrub I got from The Bathcream Shop on Etsy! It smells like satsuma, which is an orange-y scent, and I also got a free sample of Haupia cake scent, which is a vanilla coconut blend. So good. And check out that sugar on the top! It was all I could do not to take a bite.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!


One Response to “Truly Scrumptious”

  1. sleepknitting Says:

    Oooh! that looks good enough to eat!… and the scrub! yummy!

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