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Friday Five – Kanzashi February 22, 2008

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My latest cool Etsy discovery? Kanzashi. These beautiful, intricately folded fabric flowers are a traditional Japanese hair adornment, and I’ve been noticing them all over Etsy lately! I just think they’re so stunning – like little pieces of wearable art. Here are 5 of my favorites.

1. By mizusugi.

2. By littlecookie.

3. By gochemoche.

4. A more elaborate example. By AtelierKanawa.

5. This one shows how they are worn. So lovely! By hanatsukuri.

In geeky English-major news, I realized today that I’ve been reading way too much Wordsworth for my British Romantic Poetry class when, in casual conversation, I had to fight to make myself to say something was “so worth it” instead of saying it had provided “abundant recompense”. Yikes.

Have a wonderful weekend!


3 Responses to “Friday Five – Kanzashi”

  1. gochemoche Says:

    thank you the feature, it is a lovely surprise 🙂 it is very refreshing to see different interpretations of the same flowers from different artists 🙂

  2. Kylie Says:

    wow, they are beautiful!

  3. GemsByJules Says:

    I was an English once too – many, many moons ago, so had to laugh at you comment at the bottom!

    Love these hair adornments – gorgeous!

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