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Angelic February 26, 2008

Filed under: celebrations,etsy,handspun,spinning,yarn — sarahbird @ 11:17 pm

I listed another yarn in my Etsy shop yesterday – Angelic!


Seriously, this is one of my favorite yarns I’ve ever spun. It’s just so, so nice I can’t even describe it. Undyed superwash merino/viscose mill ends plied with gold thread. Soft and smooth and silky and squishy and just altogether lovely. This roving is just so so nice – I’m going to need to order more!

Also, I sold two yarns in my Etsy shop the other day! Woo-hoo!

Here’s a neat website that I discovered recently – When you sign up, they send you fun little daily tips on how to live a more eco-friendly life.  I’ve been getting them for a few weeks and they really make you think about how you can act in a way that’s better for the planet.  Cool!

Have a great Wednesday!


2 Responses to “Angelic”

  1. ingermaaike Says:

    That indeed looks superb!

  2. chloe Says:

    Just wondering if you are planning on making any more of this, or the firework yarn? i love sparkles!

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