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Fun with Felting! April 15, 2008

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I’m the kind of person who hates to throw anything away – this is probably part of the reason I love using mill end wool for my yarns so much. As a consequence of my inability to throw away even the smallest bit of fiber, I have a ziplock bag that’s full of all those little tiny odd pieces of roving that you end up with when you spin yarn. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should get hand carders and card them together, but that’s not really in my budget right now. So instead, I’ve been playing around with making felted beads.


Kinda cool, right? I actually really like making these now, but it took me a while to actually make beads that looked decent. I finally figured out the trick though – you have to start out rolling the bead really really really softly, like almost not even touching it. If you put too much pressure on it at the beginning the bead gets cracks in it and basically falls apart. I haven’t decided if I’m going to list these in my Etsy shop or just keep them to use in my own projects.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


One Response to “Fun with Felting!”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I love this – I have a lot of scraps of roving and have been meaning to use them for something.

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