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Weekend Review – Sweeney Todd January 13, 2008

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Today marks the debut of another blog feature that I hope will appear regularly – the weekend review. Every weekend, I plan to talk about a book I’ve read or a movie I’ve seen that week.

This week, the movie on my mind is Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Sweeney Todd

While I realize that this movie is definitely not to everyone’s taste, I personally loved it and have already seen it twice. Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much might be a combination of my love for both Johnny Depp and musicals, as well as the fact that I have a fairly strong stomach when it comes to blood (although this movie was not nearly as gory as I had feared it would be). But I really think that Sweeney Todd was an excellent movie even for people who don’t share my love of Johnny Depp. The music in it was amazing, with a score that captured the mood of the movie and pulled you in emotionally, as well as some really catchy songs (I’ve had “We all Deserve to Die” stuck in my head all day). The movie was full of clever bits of dark humor, which I love, it really pulled you in and immersed you in the story, and above all, it felt very different, original, and fresh – compared to the ubiquitous romantic comedies and mindless horror movies that seem to be everywhere these days. Overall, if you love dark humor and catchy songs, and can stand a bit of throat-slitting gore, you should definitely check it out!


Sick! November 30, 2007

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So, after a few weeks of low-grade sickness and total lethargy, I finally got around to dragging myself to the doctor this week. And…I have mono! Perfect, a college student’s worst nightmare – several weeks of debilitating illness right before finals. Actually, strangely enough, I’ve felt a lot better ever since my diagnosis. At least now I know that there’s actually something wrong with me, so I’ve given myself permission to rest and I’ve actually had more energy. The doctor said that I’ve probably already had it for a few weeks, so the worst is most likely over. I’ve actually started spinning again, I have 2 new yarns that just need to be photographed and one half finished on my spindle.

Since I’m sick, I’ve made up a list of everything I need to feel better:

1. A good book – I’m currently reading Alias Grace and The Age of Innocence.
2. A super soft blanket to snuggle on the couch with. This one by eblankies looks very cozy.
3. Lots of minestrone soup and hot chocolate with marshmallows.
4. Lip balm. I don’t know why, but for some reason I seem to go through it twice as fast when I’m sick!
This stuff
by spacemonkey looks super yummy! lip balm
5. Movies!! What could be better than hanging out on the couch and spinning while watching Marie Antoinette and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Hmmm…I’m pretty sure the answer is nothing!
marie hitchhiker's
6. Knitting. I’m currently working on a blanket to give to my mom for Christmas.

Wish me luck in getting better, and have a wonderful weekend!