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Check it out! July 1, 2007

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Check it out! New shoes!


Aren’t they cute? I love them.

Let’s see, on to other things. I’ve been wanting to make a string bag type thing for a while now, because I hate hate hate taking plastic bags when I go to stores, but I was having trouble finding a pattern that wasn’t crocheted (crochet and I have a strained relationship, at best). After a little bit of google-ing, I found the Saturday Market Bag, which I liked, but it didn’t totally grab me. Then, after looking around on a few blogs, I found this modified version, which I absolutely love. It’s totally practical but it still looks really nice, and I love the shorter straps. So I ran out to get some yarn, and I’m planning on casting on ASAP.


It’s just plain old cotton, I think it’s Sugar n’ Cream. I love the bright blue color though, and I’m super excited for this bag. Hopefully I’ll be able to cast on in a few days, as soon as my size 15 needles are free.

In spinning news, I skeined and set the twist of the yarn that I showed on the spindle the other day. I think it came out really nice, it’s suuuper soft and squishy. It ended up being about 57 yards, since it’s so nice and fluffy. I’m calling it sand and sky, since that’s what the colors remind me of (they’re Wiltons). I got a little picture happy on this one, so there are a few.





Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!